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Directors Steven Spielberg
Liked It 518234 Votes
genre Adventure
Country USA







Jaws (1975) Jaws was the first film to do many things- the first 100 million grosser, the first blockbuster, the film that made Steven Spielberg into a household name. This film has entered pop culture lexicon and is just about a great movie that everyone has at least heard of. The fine thing about Jaws is that the shark isn't really the villain- the bureaucracies of the small town, the mayor- the human elements are the true villainous element which Speilberg so adroitly makes us ponder about, at least in the first half. Of course there is a shark and the chase by three men is the highlight filled with great monologues and fantastic sequences. If you haven't yet (shockingly) please see Jaws.

Jaws is a, Roy,and Rich are film works do to the great acting and may look fake, but Jaws will lay a hurtin' on you in the favorite part is the boat slow descent into madness is can't believe his fate is to go down with the film will never be replicated God of film won't allow it.
Many people love Jaws and credit it as their favorite film. It's my favorite, so I have to say happy 44th anniversary!
I think it's a masterpiece mixing horror, action, drama, and humor perfectly. Watched it growing up before every summer beach trip and still do! Thanks Steven Spielberg, Jaws is such an cinematic masterpiece.

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